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Brian Anderson asked:
"on your 70-72 Chevelle SS replacement dash, the 4 small rings around the blinker and e-brake light, etc should be black not chrome, and the wiper/washer and lighter lettering should be chrome, not painted. you'd sell a lot more of your product if this could be fixed, and you could charge 50% more and folks wouldn't care. Any chance you'll ever make these changes??? It would really be a nice thing to do for the Chevelle owners. Thanks!"
Joe answered on 3/29/2013:
Since there were several variations on this particular dash panel, it's impossible to match everyone made. Unfortunately, GM had several contractors that made this part and several others and as long as they adhered to the basics, they were accepted. A good example is the Pony air filter for HI-PO 289 engines in the 65-66 Mustangs.
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