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nathan asked:
"Hey Joe. I am restoring my 73 Ford Mustang Mach 1 Fastback and I need help finding new chrome drip rails for the driver and passanger side. The old ones are all dented and scratched and I have been searching the web without any results. There is a piece under the drip rail that holds the weatherstripping that also needs to be replaced. The drip rail starts at the front of the side window and continues along the roof and ends in the middle of the quarter window (covering only the top quarter window section). Any help would be appreciated. Thank you"
Joe answered on 2/6/2013:
Nathan, unfortunately those are parts that are not yet being made. You may want to try www.hemmingsmotornews.com and do a search for 71-3 Ford Mustang. I am just at a loss as to who might have any of them at the moment.
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