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Joe's Answer
joe asked:
"Joe Parts, I recently purchased the 70 door shell (LH) from Mustangs Unlimited and have been working on getting it ready to install when the weather breaks. Tonight I went to hang the hinges and the threaded holes in the plates on the inside of the door shell seem to be a size smaller than the original. I double checked the original door and sure enough the holes are definately smaller 5/6" (i think) vs. 3/8" Are these holes sized this way by design or is this an accident? I can find no information online @ MU suggesting I needed special bolts to make this work? I have hours invested in this door including - please tell me I am crazy and there is a solution? Thanks, Joe"
Joe answered on 3/4/2017:
That is a question you will need to ask either Mustangs Unlimited or, Larry Brogdin at Dynacorn.
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