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Ed Mellon asked:
"I called you a couple of weeks ago on a 67 camaro convertible. At that time there was a complete floor & trunk listed for a 68. you told me the only difference was that the 68 had stagard shock mounts. I was going to make an order today & there is only a 69 conv. listed, are they the same. I also need inner & outer rockers, inner & outer wheelhouses, both sides & a rear body panel. The customers car I have here had the floor & trunk floor patched in & I also need any reinforcements (seats, cowl, etc.) that do not come with complete floor trunk assy. It's 4:30 and I didn't want to call @ the end of the day. Thanks Ed 7 "
Joe answered on 8/5/2016:
Well, Ed, I don't know who you talked to but the 68 and the 69's are different. As far as everything else goes, you will need to order those from a stocking dealer.
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