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Joe's Answer
Dieter asked:
"Hi Joe, I'm struggling. I'm searching on the market for original rolled edge exhaust tips for my Mustang 1967 GTA convertible (guess there were only procuded stainless?) Could find some on Scott Drake, stainless, rolled. However the double tips (2 pipes) seems not to be "parallel" to each other, the overall shape is more rounded(C7ZZ-5258C/Interchange Part Number:C9ZZ-5255C). Than I found so called NOS tips, which are parallel and stamped, but chrome. (C9ZZ-5255-C, casting number stamped on tip is C9ZA-5C262-E). Which one are the correct ones? None of them? Thanks for your reply. BR Dieter"
Joe answered on 1/4/2016:
The original tips were chromed steel and left or right canted. Scott Drake's are an exact reproduction only done in Stainless Steel for durability. What year car have you? Any one of those would be correct for the specific year. The C9ZZ and C&ZZ numbers are Mustang specific. The C9ZA number refers to all FORD models.
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