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Joe's Answer
Carl Musser asked:
"Hi Joe, I have a 69 Camaro that was reconstructed with Dynacorn outer sheet metal. I purchased the project and realized they left out the right upper front roof support (goes in the right upper corner) I can only find this part as part of the complete roof support kit (part # 1004B), and wanted to know if you or another dealer can get me just the one part that I need? I know they are available since they are part of the kit, if someone would just go to the trouble of getting this part separately. Please advise and I appreciate your suggestions. Thank you - Carl El Dorado Hills,Ca."
Joe answered on 4/16/2015:
Well sometimes parts that are part of a kit are not available separately which is the case here. Try going to www.classicindustries.com and good hunting.
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