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Scot Robichaud asked:
"Hey, I'm strongly considering a 69 Mustang FB body replaevment. I have a whole running driver quality 69 FB but too may repairs done over the years. I would like to end up with a really clean car in the end of a restoration. My question is, would I need to do a lot of mocking up prior to having my body guy apply paint? I'm trying to determine how much final fitment is needed prior to paint and assembly. I'm sure some body final surface finish is needed prior to paint but it is the fitment that I'm needing to better understand. Thanks, Scot"
Joe answered on 1/24/2013:
There will be some fitting, and all needs to be prepped before painting. You can'at just throw parts on and paint. As with any restoration parts have to be properly fit before paintingm, then disassembled to paint. Any other way will cause you much grief.So, yes, you will need to mock everything up first.
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