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Paul Wedemeyer asked:
"Common joe , I read your write on the nos vs. reproduction , common man even reject assembly line panels (nos) fit better than repro , you know that. I have a set of nos 66 quarters , maybe dynacorn would like to borrow them to get it right ."
Joe answered on 10/7/2014:
No, I don't know that at all. The common mistake made by almost everyone is that they don't take the time to take their car to have the frame straightened, or the unibody straightened before trying to install sheet metal. The people seem to forget that these cars are over 40 years old now and have spent a lot of time torquing on the road, regardless of whether they have ever been in an accident or not. So again, I don't know that and your, and a lot of other people's assumptions are incorrect.
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