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Joe's Answer
Jeff Stanton asked:
"Dear Joe , I have a 1967 firebird 400 coup and a 1968 firebird 400 convertible, both original. I am working on the 67 and have it on a rotisserie and am currently working on the sub frame. It needs work and I am debating buying one of the Dynacorn sub frames for this car and have a few questions 1) What gauge are your frames compared to the originals 2) How close are they really with respect to holes, widths etc. They look good on the internet but I can't seem to find one locally that I can actually touch and feel 3) If I order one and I am not satisfied, I need to point out that I have a 1967 and a 1968 original frame in stock at my house, they just need a lot of work and I will/can use them to compare what I get from Dynacorn. What if any surprises will I see? Again, do not get me wrong, I would LOVE to buy a new sub-frame but just need to feel comfortable about it - are there any surprises or differences I need to be ready for? Thank you for your time Jeff Stanton"
Joe answered on 10/7/2014:
Jeff, the only thing I can say is to call Larry Brogdin at 805-987-8818 and talk to him. As I have said many times on this blog, I can find the parts, I can tell you who to talk to, but I am not a gear head nor a mechanic. For that you will have to talk to someone with a lot more expertise than I have as far as actual usage of the parts, that being said, I haven't heard of a lot of problems with the sub frames, but then, I wouldn't.
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