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Paul Gerlach asked:
"I installed the Dynacorn LH door latch, (M3616B) The throw needed to open the latch is longer than the OEM latch. In the picture attached, the latch knob actuates the rotating arm, the red line sits against the cam in the red circle. The length of overlap here is longer than on my OEM latch. The door push button doesn't create enough movement to open the latch. I have tried bending the control rod to shorten it but still I can't get the button to move the rod far enough. Suggestions? (Can't seem to attach the image!)"
Joe answered on 9/2/2014:
Nope, as I have said countless times, I am not a mechanic or a gear head, I just know where to find the stuff. Try calling and talking to Larry Brogdin at 805-987-8818
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