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Joe's Answer
ken clark asked:
"Hi Joe, I just purchased a radiator core support for a 1972 Oldsmobile from your co.and no way is it close to fit. The ID # is 26191956699 on the order.I was told that all you would need to modify is the hood release and that is far from the truth. Can you shine some light on this problem? Is it possible to make this fit and do you have any directions on how ? Your HELP is needed, Thanks Ken Clark /717-933-8505 "
Joe answered on 8/8/2014:
Sorry, that is far from our part number. You had to have ordered it from one of our dealers. Can you tell me which one? Oldsmobile what? The one we have for 7072 Cutlass only is part number 1875, a far cry from the number you gave me. Send me more info please.
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