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Joe's Answer
Scott asked:
"I am trying to decide if I want to spend the extra money and take a chance on buying a Dynacorn fender for a 1968 Mustang. I have a repop one now and it doesn't fit very well at all, beyond the normal not fitting right. Do yours fit well or should I just buy a Ford Tooling one? I don't want to buy one of yours and then have to buy another one after that. I can't find anything used. Thanks"
Joe answered on 7/15/2014:
Okay, the truth is we don't have fit issues if you do due diligence before trying to fit the fender. You must have a frame shop straighten the body before attempting to mount a new fender. 50 years of tweaking on a uni-body car reeks havoc on replacing a fender that's been tweaking with the car.
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