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Doug Barker asked:
"I purchased the LH and RH complete rear frame rails with torque boxes for my 1965 Ford Mustang Coupe. These frame rails are a perfect fit. I'm very happy with them. I ran into one problem however, where the front part of the leaf spring mounts onto the front part of the frame rail/torque box, there was no type of bushing or spacer for the bolt to go through. The rail is hollow and the hole where the bold is inserted is much too large. I can get a larger washer to hold the bolt in place but the frame rail would squeeze together while tightening the nut and bolt due to no spacer or bushing in that place. What can I do to remedy that situation or do you offer something I can put in that place? "
Joe answered on 6/27/2014:
You should be able to get a bushing kit to accommodate installing your springs mounts. I would try Pep Boys and tell them what you are doing. If not, National Parts Depot will have them, or Scott Drake Mustang Parts.
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