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Joe's Answer
William asked:
"Hello Joe, I have one of your Taillight wiring harness 68 Shelby & GT/CS Item # 3643MF. I purchased it back in Jan from Mustang Unlimited and installed it today. Everything works as it should except one of the 6 lights will not function. The outer most light on the passenger side does not function. Said another way - the light on the far right (as you are looking at the back of the car) refuses to work with anything - i.e. no brake, no turn, no tail light. I have switched bulbs and that is not the problem. I have also taken the plastic cover off the wires and there does not seem to be any breaks in the lines. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! William"
Joe answered on 6/9/2014:
I would contact Mustangs Unlimited and arrange an exchange. Sounds like to me you have a faulty harness.
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