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Joe's Answer
Joe asked:
"Hello. Please inform me of the correct part number for a 1 piece trunk floor for a '67-'68 Mustang convertible, and the number for a '67-'68 Coupe/Fastback as well. Also, where might I find that number on the part itself? The guys doing work on the car feel that what they have is the incorrect part. I need the Convertible floor, and they feel it may be for a Coupe/Fastback. I need to clear this up and make an exchange, if necessary, as they won't work on the car until we're sure we have the correct floor. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks in advance. Joe"
Joe answered on 5/16/2014:
The correct part number is 3649SA. It should be located on a square white tag, or in a 1X3 tag somewhere on the trunk pan.
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