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Joe's Answer
Keith asked:
"Joe Not sure what has you distracted? Its time to pay attention to the details of the question asked. This is my 3rd try, and I am not getting the quality of a good answer. Please note the year in question "1968"You are providing me with a part # for 66-67.They are not the same hence forth the reason I am asking for 1968-72 PREVIOUS QUESTION. "Ok thanks, but can you answer the other part of my question (If so part # so I can order through our GLA Warehouse). Keith asked: "Complete Trunk Pan 68-72 Nova ? Classic Industries list one. Need to know if dii is making them? If so part # so I can order through our GLA Warehouse. Thanks :)" Joe answered on 4/9/2014: Yes we do. " Joe answered on 4/17/2014: 1636AEWT and yes, you can order it through GLA "
Joe answered on 5/1/2014:
We do not have the complete trunk pan for a 68-74 Nova. We have the trunk pan Number 1633 but not complete. You can get that from GLA. we carry the complete for the 66-67 because we have the skeletons. Sorry, Keith, I must be distracted.
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