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Ariel rodriguez asked:
"2002 Chevy Cavalier on no-start, new battery, starter & alternator tested, all new fuses and relays, & new spark plugs.... Problem started when stereo installed was stolen, received power from a fuse tap connection at PCM fuse at driver side fuse panel. Stereo wire was left tapped to PCM fuse, after retrieving stereo, noticed wire and saw it had contact with metal, did not find the fuse to appear blown. While attempting to troubleshoot starter as the cause, a wrench was still on starter solenoid as I looked for a shorter wrench I'm trunk. A friend attempted to start the car and jolted wrench against radiator. Resulting in a busted seal and a leak began. For time being, placed duct tape on the leak. about hour later, came to mind to replace the PCM fuse and car started up. Drove the car home and used epoxy to fill the leak. Drove car for about 3 days while having overheating issues. Coolant continued to spill. Now car begins to only wants to start while giving gas. Car start gradually becomes harder. Drove car on freeway and car turns off while check engine light starts flashing, since then my car is a no start, starter motor spins but nothing catches/fires up engine. Which parts should be focused on now?"
Joe answered on 3/24/2014:
I have no idea. I am not a motor head, I just know where to find stuff.
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