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Joe's Answer
Jim asked:
"Hey Joe, Is dynacorn run by the federal government? Typical, nothing gets done and all the money is given to people who don't deserve it. Dynacorn has everything made overseas and still no 67 gto quarters. Why dont we make our own parts for our american made cars? It's a disgrace that our only choice is overseas crap. It makes me sick just thinking about it. Just like our stupid gov. makes me sick. Some of Our veterans and seniors have no food homes, heat or medical care. But scumbag murderers,rapists and child molesters are given all of these things in prison. It's just not right. Tell the guy who runs dynacorn to have his websight guy hand deliver the 67 gto quarters, After all he has nothing better to do, he hasn't updated the catologs since 2012."
Joe answered on 2/10/2014:
Gee, Jim. Why don't you say what's on your mind.
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