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Brent asked:
"Is the 66-67 GTO quarter panel some sort of over complicated piece to make a stamping of? I know there is no estimated time of completion on the project. However, that one seems to be one of the longest awaited parts you guys have been working on. Please do not take my tone as sarcastic or caustic as you are the messenger, I know. It just seems to be a mystery to me and probably many others why it hasn't made it to market yet. I hope the wheels of progress are turning in the right direction for us patiently awaiting so we can finish restoring our cars. Thank you for your time."
Joe answered on 1/24/2014:
No, it's no more difficult than anything else, it's the politics between companies in Taiwan that makes it different to get these quarters made. We have sent 4 different cars and they keep being absconded with, no one, of course, knowing where they are. We are trying.
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