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Joe's Answer
Brian asked:
"Joe, I recently purchased the Tail Light Panel 1067EA for my 67 Camaro RS. When fitting everything up I noticed that the studs for the Back-up Lamps were going to interfere with the Frame Rails. I also noticed that I had to turn the Back-up Lamps upside down from the way that they were in my original Tail Light Panel. After looking more closely, I realized that the mounting cages are on the opposite sides of the slots for the Housings. They are Outboard and I think that they should be Inboard. Has anyone else had an issue with this? Has Dynacorn made a correction and maybe I have received an old part? Thank you, Brian"
Joe answered on 10/29/2013:
This the /first we have heard of it. Our R&D guy will be notified.
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