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Joe's Answer
Jim asked:
"Somebody call Jesse Ventura or Joe Rogan, There is obviously a conspiracy with the 67 GTO quarter panels being produced! It's been talked about for years and yet they are still M.I.A. They are reproducing dozens of entire bodies for many years, and no full GTO bodies. It's almost unthinkable, the GTO is one of the greatest muscle cars ever built. But thats ok, us Pontiac guys will be happy with the 67 gto quarters for now. Mr. Joe Parts please tell we there is some good news on these quarters."
Joe answered on 10/7/2013:
I totally agree with you...for some reason, we just can't seem to get these things made and on the shelf, but, we are still complaining bitterly to the stampers...That's the best and only news I can give you.
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