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wayne asked:
"Hey Joe, I have a 56 GMC that a fella is working on for me. He had bought your 57 chevy pickup front fenders quite a while ago and is finally getting around to trying the fit on the truck. It's a little disappointing as the top rounded part where it meets the front of the door is low on both sides but the cowl edge lines up, they both also have the side reveal too low ( lower than the doors and they also are your doors) and the bottom of the fender sticks down past the door in the front unless you really push up on it to try to line it up. 55-59 doors should all be the same. I know the headlamp and grille differences between the fenders, but why do you have a 57 fender and a 55-56 fender? either should fit other than the grille, but have heard other things like the fender top and reveal line down the side are different. so what do I do now?"
Joe answered on 8/9/2013:
From where did you get your parts? 55-56 Fenders are different from 57-59. The differences are not easy to spot. Sometimes it's imperative you make sure you have a 57 cab and not an early 57 cab. A lot of those were actually left over 56's. Write me at joeparts@dynacorn.com and let me know where you got the parts and we'll go from there. And. there is a difference between GMC and Chevy
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