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Joe's Answer
Jon asked:
"I'm getting ready to buy spring saddles for my 1967 Chevy II Nova. This would be your part number 1625U. I replaced them years back and they started squeaking shortly after, which I guess was due to the material they were made from (rubber?) What can you tell me about the construction of your part? i.e. type of material (rubber, urethane mix, etc.) What is their resistance to weathering and estimated longevity? Thanks. Jon in Phoenix, Arizona"
Joe answered on 7/26/2013:
Okay, let's talk about where you are first off. In the hot dry climate like Phoenix or Arizona for that matter, both rubber and neoprene are going to squeak because they dry out fast. Neoprene is worse than rubber but they both will become annoying over time. Your best bet is to always keep them lubed up. You may notice when you go through a water puddle they stop squeaking for a bit then stop again. Same thing. A good bushing lube will go a long way to keep your bushings in your spring seats from squeaking. Now, as to what they are made of. Almost all spring saddle bushings are made from rubber initially. If you change them out to neoprene or a substance like neoprene they will last longer but have a larger penchant for squeaking. Damned if you do...well, you know the rest. Also it helps if the spring saddle is properly mounted. Have a suspension guy look at it and see if he can't give you some ideas.
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