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Joe's Answer
Billy asked:
"I purchased a LH full quarter panel of yours. I removed my old one from the spot welds completely around the whole quarter panel. I went to put yours on and it is shy of 1 inch of going all the way up by the filler panel and back by the end of the car. It is flush where it meets the roof and the lip. It is also flush on the rocker panel. When I took the old one off the cap between the door and quarter was perfect, with the new one on there it is tight at the bottom and a 1 inch gap at the top. Could you give me any ideals to help fix this problem."
Joe answered on 7/26/2013:
I'm sorry Billy, I am not a body man, I can just tell you where to find the stuff, not how to fix it. But, that being said, try contacting Larry Brogdin at Dynacorn. He should be able to walk you through it, and you never said what kind of car.
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